Dual Batteries

Dual Battery Systems and Redarc BCDC

4x4 Off road is dedicated to supplying top quality Dual Battery Systems.

Including Solenoid Systems and New Advanced Redarc BCDC battery Charging System, Designed for new Vehicle Charging Systems.

Redarc BCDC Battery Systems is the next generation of battery charging Technology with addition features which makes it the most advanced in Dual Battery charging systems. Design for AGM, Gel,Lead Acid, Calcium and Life PO4 Batteries . 

  • Independent Power Source For Your Fridge
  • Increases Power Using Your Winch from your main battery.

Dual Battery SystemsMany people go camping to get away from it all; they want to leave the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives behind and relax in the quiet that only nature can provide. The only problem is that they often get so used to the comforts of civilization that they find it difficult to leave those modern conveniences behind. Fortunately, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. Most modern conveniences need power to work, and you can get the power you need out in the wild by investing in dual battery systems for your 4x4 vehicle.4x4s are big vehicles, and they require a lot of power to keep moving. The standard battery in a 4x4 is usually sufficient to keep the vehicle itself running, but may not provide enough power to run the 4x4 accessories that many 4x4 owners find necessary to add to their 4x4s for recreational or occupational purposes, such as additional lights and winches. Dual battery systems make it possible for you to run these accessories, and even leave you enough power to run things like portable fridges or freezers on twelve-volt power. You can buy all the bells and whistles for your 4x4, but it won’t do you much good unless you also invest in a way to power your accessories.

 And dual battery systems are also a great way to have a back-up energy source in case of an emergency. If your primary battery dies while you’re at home, it isn’t too difficult to call a friend to come over with jumper cables. But if it dies while you’re out in some remote part of the country with nary a gas station in sight, then it might be a good idea to have an alternative power source handy. People who drive 4x4s are far more likely to find themselves in this sort of position, which makes it a good idea for them to invest in a dual battery system.

If you’re thinking about adding some accessories to your 4x4, be sure to include a power source for the extras you want to add to your vehicle. Dual battery systems can range from simple systems to support peripherals such as extra lights to monster systems that can power a heavy-duty winch and a small fridge at the same time. When you have a dual battery system, you’ve got the power in your hands.




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