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4x4 Off road is dedicated to supplying Hitch and Go towing frames.

  • A-frames are the lightest and cheapest towing equipment
  • Got your motor home and a little car to tow behind for day trips

Hitch and GoWhen it comes to finding an extremely simple and effective method for towing a vehicle behind a motor home, there is nothing better than the Hitch and Go towing frame. The reason for this kind of towing is to make running errands around town easier. It also makes exploring off road sites where a motor home cannot go possible. If you are planning a getaway that will last a long period of time, you would do well to invest in a 4wd accessory that will ensure you never get into a jam. There are many options for towing a vehicle behind a motor home, including a tow dolly, trailer, or A-frame. For the easiest and least expensive solution, you will want an A-frame Hitch and Go towing frame.Trailers and dollies carry the towed vehicle off the ground, but with an A-frame, the car drives on its own set of wheels. This allows you to bring along a very compact piece of equipment that can be stored easily and allow you to take up less space when parking your motor home and car while attached. A Hitch and Go towing frame is solid, with only professionally welded joints that fold together to make storage even easier. The lightweight and relatively basic design of the Hitch and Go A-frame makes it the smallest, lightest, and cheapest option you have.



Of course, above all of these features comes the importance of safety. This is the most important facet in the design of the Hitch and Go towing frame. In addition to the link, you will need a 50mm tow ball on a professionally installed tow bar that complies with the weight you plan to put on it. To have a proper towing ratio, you will want the motor home to have a laden weight at least 3.5 times that of the un-laden weight of the towed vehicle. All traffic authorities will make sure you are adhering to this 3.5 to 1 ratio.

With all the benefits you can experience with a Hitch and Go towing frame, it must be installed properly if you are to get the most out of it. Trained installers are the only ones who should be allowed to fit the equipment onto your vehicles. Soon, you will be on the journey of a lifetime with all the transportation needs necessary to make you as comfortable as possible without missing out on a single off-roading adventure.



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